Anime Expo

It’s almost time to hit the road to “Anime Expo“. I will be working with newly founded “ConFreak & Geeks“! We’ll be covering events, conducting interviews ,and snapping pics all weekend.

You can catch me at for sure:
Day:2 DRAMAtical Murder gathering
Day 2 and 3: League Of Legends gathering

more progress of Syndra

10392443_801687339854906_3359088467366340391_n 10513441_800258333331140_2490600794039634350_n


About JouninK

"JouninK" Cosplay (Joe-neen-kay) This page is about my cosplay's, photography, cosplay videos, panels, etc. I probably do way more than I should, but's fun! I like flying solo, yet I love to collaborate with other cosplayers/ groups^^ My ultimate goal is to be a cosplayer known for her positivity as well as her skill (i have a ways to go skill wise though :/). I don’t know many black cosplayers and i’ve never seen a “famous” black cosplayer. It’s kind of sad actually…. so i’d like to change that or at least do my best to inspire someone else to.

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