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Anime Expo 2014

Now that anime expo is over, i’m glad to be back home. Over all the convention was fine, but i think its become a bit too big for me. I didn’t arrive to LA until the 930pm Day one, so I have nothing to report other than Daikokuya ramen is delicious.


Day 2 started off great, I cosplayed Mink (DMMD) and derped around all day with other DMMD fans and met up with some of you lovely Facebook followers. However when it got dark, instead of partying I went back to work on my Syndra bodysuit until 4am…so lame.
Day 3 I woke up around 8am and went right back to work on my body suit. I got fed up with sewing so i kinda just pinned the top part of my suit together….BIG MISTAKE…the pins were showing and I couldn’t do much about it T^T. The make-up that I had so painstakingly perfected basically melted on my face due to the heat & humidity, so I basically ended up looking like a man with terrible makeup. I SERIOUSLY failed you guys and myself with that cosplay. *cry’s in a corner*.
Day 4 was super chill, I didn’t really cosplay, I just perused the vendor hall and linked up with some childhood friends.


Again I don’t forsee me going back to that con, I just can’t justify spending so much times/ effort and $$ to go there for an “ok” experience.

Con-nichiwa 2012
Post-con post: March 31, 2012

I really think this con was a bit better than last year. Although there were a few hick-ups at registration (like with basically EVERY con), the panels and events were a vast improvement over 2011. If you attended the con last year, you’d remember the multiple panel cancellations and schedule shuffle…no bueno. This year the panel management made sure to confirm panels well before and close to “D-day”.

Speaking of panels, the “Cosplay Photography” panel I co-hosted with “Electric-lady” on Friday went pretty well! We went over equipment, posing, lighting, scenery, make-up, etc. The audience was shown examples of our work both pre & post editing, and got to ask us photo/ cosplay related questions. I really hope we can do this panel again! My big panel, “Kingdom Hearts After Dark ” was so much fun! This was an 18+ event held in the same tent used for the masqurade and various other game show type events. The cast: Xemnas, Xigbar, Vexen, Zexion, Saix, Axel, Demyx, Marluxia, Larxene, Roxas,  Xion, Sora & Riku, answered questions and  played games with the audience. We gave out prizes ranging from KH themed swag to special 21+ Only prizes.

Getting back on track…a new feature of the convention that I really wish I had taken advantage of, was the “swap meet”.  During a certain time a section of the convention was blocked off for individuals to lay out and sale/ trade there wares. How does this differ from the vendor hall?  Well the vendor hall is comprised of those who make items in bulk/ on a larger scale and sell them for a much greater profit. There are also actual retailers who buy space and sell there products too.  The Swap Meet is  where you are most likely to get hard to find items, fabric, accessories, etc. These items can either be attained through a cash payment or a 1:1 trade. Item’s seen at a swap meet are not likely to be seen anywhere else.
Let’s see what new in 2013!

Con-nichiwa 2012 
Pre-con post: March 16, 2012

This convention is held in Tucson, Arizona. It’s in it’s third year and is still gaining momentum. Although small in comparison to it’s parent con “Saboten”, Con-nichiwa still boast great guest and a good time.

Panels I will be hosting/ co-hosting:

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